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Susanne Gamaulf

Wien (Austria)

susanne gamauf

She is the head of Fotogalerie Wien, Vienna. She has had numerous international solo and group exhibitions; postgraduate grants from the BMUKK (Ministry of Arts) for Paris, Rome and New York. She has a rich and long history of curating and administrating exhibitions for the Fotogalerie Wien, and other major exhibitions in Austria. She received her arts degree from the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Oswald Oberhuber – graphics, photography) She is interested in art photography with all its multifaceted aspects and is open minded for pan-media practices. She´s always looking for young talents and thematics Fotogalerie Wien will focus on in the future. She likes to share her experiances with others; as reviewer she has a good and critical eye on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of someone´s works.