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Saul Robbins



Actions = Results: Professional Development for Photographers

Professional development is as important to one's creative practice as making the work itself. The objectives of this workshop are to increase students' knowledge, skills, and confidence when preparing for such opportunities as juried calls, portfolio reviews, and meetings; and creating effective strategies for today's competitive marketplace. Discussions and assignments address editing images for maximum impact; creating “Action Plans” for positive outcomes; refining an "elevator pitch" for effective networking; editing statements, Bios, CVs, and cover letters; designing eye-catching materials; email and social media campaigns, websites, SEO; researching opportunities; securing and preparing for meetings and presentations; and most importantly, following up ffectively.

Students will gain new ideas for refining their portfolios and multiple strategies to promote themselves and their work with confidence, clarity, and insight.

Students should bring a concise an edit of their work (20 images from 1-2 portfolios, ideally prints rather than jpegs) and any Marketing and self promotion materials they are currently using, i.e. business cards, Leave-Behinds, Mailers, etc.

Saul Robbins is interested in the ways people interact with their surroundings, and the psychological dynamics of intimacy. His photographs are motivated by observations of human behavior and personal experience, especially those related to loss and unity. Robbins has been exhibited and published internationally and is best known for the series Initial Intake, examining the empty chairs of Manhattan-based psychotherapy professionals from their clients’ perspective. In 2012 he created How Can I Help? – An Artful Dialogue, inviting passersby to speak with himself and other artists about anything they wish for free in complete confidence, in a pop-up exhibition / office environment in Midtown Manhattan. He is presenting the project again in 2014 during the Photoville festival in Brooklyn.

Exhibitions include Bolinas Museum, Blue Sky Gallery, chashama, Deutsche Haus at NYU, Griffin Museum, Museum of Fine Arts – Houston, Ost Gallery, Moscow, Photoville, Portland Art Museum, The Philoctetes Center, The Wellin Museum of Art, and others. Publications include Aufbau, Berlin Tagesspiegel, D – La Repubblica, The Daily Mail, DART, Feature Shoot, Love Issue, More, The New York Times, Real Simple, Slate, Wired, and others.
Grants and awards include chashama Windows Award, Clarence John Laughlin Award (Finalist) The Covenant Foundation, Sony World Photography Awards (Finalist), AJPA Rockower, Gunk Foundation and New York Foundation for the Arts. Robbins received his MFA from Hunter College and teaches at the International Center of Photography in New York City.

Reviewer Bio:

Saul Robbins teaches photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City and consults privately about professional development and best business practices for photographers. During the past 3 years he has been leading workshops and consulting in Europe and South America, helping students to promote themselves and their work with greater confidence, clarity, and insight. His photographic projects address the ways people interact within specific surroundings, and the psychological dynamics of intimacy; and are motivated by observations of human behavior and personal experience, especially those related to loss and unity.

Mr. Robbins prefers to review photographic series with a well-developed thesis and intent, and he is especially interested in work that explores and pushes boundaries, be they of a personal nature or those relating to contemporary photographic materials and process. Robbins will offer constructive feedback and resources for professional advancement in the US and Europe.