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Roberto Muffoletto

Wien (Austria)


Roberto Muffoletto earned a MFA in Visual Studies from the State University of New York at Buffalo (USA) and a Ph.D. in Education/Educational Technology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison (USA).  His bachelors degree is in Education from the State University of New York College at Buffalo (USA).
His professional work in the visual arts includes the editorships of "Camera Lucida, a Journal on the criticism of photography" (Baumgartner Publications), "Frame|Work", a journal published by Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, and founder and director of VASA, an online international center for media studies (http://vasa-project.com). Roberto is the editor of the (online) VASA Journal on Images and Culture.  His photographic work has been exhibited and collected internationally.  He is the founder and past director of CEPA Gallery in Buffalo New York.  He is a past president of the International Visual Literacy Association, as well as chairperson for the International Visual Literacy Conference, and co-founder of the IVLA International Research Symposiums.
His recent photography books include “Berlin Diary” and “Threshold Crossing”.

He can help the participant with focused advice and comments on their work.  There is a possibility of portfolio publication and exhibition in VASA (http://vasa-project.com).