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Ramona Novicov

Oradea (Romania)


Ramona Novicov (Ph.D.), art critic, university professor and curator, has been a member of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) since 2000. She is an international expert in the field of 1900 architecture. Currently a regular contributor to many periodicals, radio and TV programs, TV host (“Art Style” and “Beyond the facades” for TV Transilvania) or producer (“Pentagon”, a TV show on culture, fine arts and architecture for TVS Oradea). She has authored many books and studies in the field of art trends and currents, focused mainly on the artistic phenomenon of the Romanian vanguard. As an art curator, she is organizing individual and collective exhibitions in Romania and abroad. Ramona Novicov presently delivers lectures on Art History at The Faculty of Architecture and Constructions of Oradea.

She has penned crossover art monthly essays in the Romanian periodical PHOTO magazine ever since its inception in 2005. She was invited as an art critic for Fotoporta International portfolio Review 2008, Budapest. She is involved in the field of architectural photography as an international expert in of the Art Nouveau architecture.

She can correlate knowledge in the field of photography to that in the field of history of art and architecture. She can provide models of analysis and lectures of the visual language common to traditional fine arts and the art of photography.